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Energy Healing

Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code are alternative energy healing modalities for humans and pets, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. They were designed to assist an individual in releasing trapped emotional energy, physical imbalances, and negative beliefs to restore balance and energetic flow in the body.

Emotion Code

Emotion Code targets trapped emotions, emotional baggage, stuck or blocked emotions, generational trauma, unresolved emotions, and Heart Wall emotions. Left unaddressed, any of these imbalances can contribute to mental, emotional, and physical challenges.

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Body Code

Body Code is a more complex and comprehensive system that includes elements of Emotion Code but goes beyond emotions to address a wide range of imbalances in the body. There are six different categories within the Body Code system to identify and address imbalances:

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Belief Code

Belief Code builds upon Emotion Code and Body Code taking energy healing to a whole new level. It identifies and releases negative beliefs, limited beliefs, faulty core beliefs, and faulty core identities in the subconscious mind creating space for more empowering thoughts and supportive belief systems.

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Before meeting with Kelly, I read the Emotion Code and Body Code books, trying to prepare/inform myself about this type of energy healing. I have to say, I was intrigued and very excited for my first appointment, but also still a bit skeptical, wondering if I would experience any measurable results. During our very first session, I was feeling very anxious, and panicked. The panic was so severe, I would rate it at 10, on a scale of 1-10. This was not unusual for me, as I have experienced this consistently in my life. I did not tell Kelly the true extent of what I was dealing with, only that I suffered with anxiety.

As we went through our session, Kelly determined that I had a misalignment related to the trapped emotion of panic. After navigating the process of releasing trapped emotions and realigning this misalignment, within 30 seconds, that overwhelming feeling of panic was GONE! I have never experienced something so freeing! I was so shocked, but still skeptical. I fully expected that panic to return, especially since it has been present my whole life.

I did not tell Kelly initially, I waited weeks to share this with him. I can say, that after months now, it still has not returned! I am so thankful to Kelly, and I would not hesitate to recommend him. Anyone who might be on the fence, wondering if this works- it DOES! Take it from this skeptic. You will be in safe, compassionate and capable hands with Kelly. 


Frequency Balancing

The AIM Program from EMC²

The AIM Program is a TOOL that YOU use to heal yourself – only YOU can heal you. Every AIM participant is unique, and every participant’s experience is unique as they utilize this tool to self-heal. EMC² does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor does it make any health claims. EMC² believes hereditary imbalances in consciousness are the precursors to physical manifestation, and that they can be removed or self-healed by you, much more effectively and quickly if you have AIM helping you 24/7. Once healed, hereditary imbalances do not return and cannot be passed on to offspring.

What are energetic imbalances?

Everything is energy, and everything has a frequency.

An energetic imbalance is any influence that is not in harmony with your natural state of well-being. There are karmic and hereditary imbalances and their underlying unresolved emotional imbalances. There are also environmental imbalances, things you acquire on a daily basis (some naturally occurring, some man-made), and from insect bites.

Imbalances create blockages to the flow of your Life Force, your personal power to create and direct your life. EMC² believes imbalances in consciousness are the precursors for eventual physical manifestation. While an imbalance may have a name that is the same as or similar to a disease, it does not necessarily mean you have the physical condition. EMC² believes you either have the physical condition already, or you will have it shortly, unless you remove the imbalance from your consciousness, i.e., heal it.

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How do I know if AIM has balancing energies to help me heal my specific issues?

With over 500,000 balancing energies on AIM, it is likely that any disease, or physical issue that you have heard of, has been identified and the related balancing energies have been added to the AIM trays. These help participants self-heal the related imbalances they may have.

What is difficult for many people new to AIM to realize, is that while most physical issues (or diseases) have a single label or name, physical manifestations are seldom the result of just one hereditary imbalance. Rather, most things are syndromes, having multiple energetic components. Imbalances tend to settle, or layer in areas of weakness, as mentioned above. Even imbalances that you acquire can layer in this way and become chronic if you do not heal them.

Additionally, each person is unique as is their specific combination of imbalances, and where they are present in them. Other things unique to the individual, such as age, physical, mental and emotional health, lifestyle, etc., also dictates that no two people will have the same healing experience, or at the same time. Many do, however, report feeling increasingly calm, empowered, more aware, centered, focused and less stressed, as they embark on their healing journey using the AIM Program as a foundational self-healing tool.

DNA Testing & Epigenetic Coaching

Unlock the mysteries hidden within your genes and gain a deeper understanding of your unique genetic makeup with our cutting-edge DNA testing services, specializing in epigenetic analysis.

Are you:

What would you do if you had a user manual for your body?

No more guessing or the “one-size fits all” model. Now is your time to harness the power of your genetic code so you can access your limitless potential to thrive!

We go beyond traditional DNA testing, analyzing 600-800,000 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) to pinpoint the most impactful markers related to your lifestyle.

Most people wouldn’t know where to begin or how to properly implement the information. I provide you with that user manual and the expertise on how to implement it so you can achieve lasting results.

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