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Ever since I was a teenager, I knew I was supposed to be a healer.

Looking back, I believe my passion for healing began at a young age. I would have family friends much older than myself come to me and tell me about their health problems. Intuitively I knew I was supposed to help them. My training and learning about the human body would take many avenues but always came back to energy, no matter how much I was taught about vitamins, nutrition, and traditional medicine, the one constant that I always came back to was energy.

The healer needed a break…

In my mid 20’s and early 30’s I was a sponge for knowledge, reading as much about energy work as I could get my hands on, going to seminars, listening to lectures, and taking in as much as I could. Then came the time I couldn’t handle anymore learning, I was full for now.

Life took over and all the stuff that goes along with raising a family and providing for them became my focus. I didn’t give up my training, but slowed down tremendously, I would still get people coming to me with health issues and I would do what I could to help them, most of my work was always behind the scenes, working on their energy fields. At that time it was kept pretty quiet, energy work was just something that wasn’t talked about much out in the open, let alone understood by most.

Years later when one of my closest friends was stricken with cancer, I knew I had to help him, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do for him or why it was me that he chose to help him, I knew deep inside my being I had to help. During that short time in this journey together our lives went down many paths.

That is how it all started for me, after over 30 years of working in private doing what I knew I was destined to do…Helping you heal yourself!!!

This led me on a journey of discovery and awakening: studying and practicing mind, body, emotional and spiritual healing techniques as a path to optimal health.

After exploring a number of other techniques, I discovered the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson and I felt that I had arrived at the most sophisticated, complete and miraculous healing system ever devised. I became certified in all of Dr. Nelson’s healing systems, the Emotion Code, the Body Code and the Belief Code.

With help from The Emotion Code a person can become free from old traumas and trapped emotions that interfere with a happy, productive, pain-free life. The Body Code helps the body to achieve balance in all aspects of health, including emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural and chemical, so that it can heal itself, and the Belief Code helps us remove negative belief systems in the subconscious mind.

One of the things that I love about this form of energy work is that it can also be done remotely, reaching people anywhere in the world over the phone or by Zoom.

In addition to my one-on-one healing work, I absolutely love teaching classes and seminars about healing your energy body and how quantum entanglement is at work for us every day of our lives if we just let it do its thing.

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